"I was raised by a single mother that worked as a Registered Nurse and she was involved with public service since I was a little girl. I always watched my mother help others in the community and serve in church.  I have worked as a single mother, after my divorce. Therefore, I know how it is to wear both shoes, so to speak. That is why I want to serve and represent you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety - especially getting guns off the streets, a top priority. With all that is going on in the world, we cannot sit and be silent.  The time is now to join our forces together as one.
Let's Refocus with 2020 Vision. 

No room for hate in district 6!

Respect everyone!!

Can't we all get along?

Thank you Maryville for making a start. 


A proper education is so vital starting as early as pre-school.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to receive quality education, with qualified teachers. Schools should be safe, with good air quality, computers and books should be up to date and in good condition.  

Adult learners shouldn't go into debt with student loans trying to improve a better way of living for themselves or their family. Student loan interest shouldn't be so high and there should be some real forgiveness on those loans.

Well-informed Citizens

If you take the time to vote, you should be informed of what it going on and in the process of sharing your thoughts, opinions, and input.  I want to hear from you and represent you.  We are in this together.


It's a sad deal when people with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or other ailing conditions cannot afford to go to the doctor or afford their prescribed medication.  They shouldn't have to choose over their mortgage, rent, groceries or any other bill that is a necessity for one to live a quality life, for some that's living from paycheck to paycheck.  In my opinion, everyone that wants healthcare should be able to obtain it from zero to a maximum cap of an affordable price that will not leave a family poor and destitute or without the proper health care that they need.

Those that want to keep the insurance plans that they already have can do so without any penalty.  No one needs to suffer.


Let's refocus on families.  Sitting down with children and teaching them how to be model citizens.  Looking after the elderly that once took care of you.  Families, that sit down and eat dinner together and communicate.  Family that looks out for other families.  Family isn't always blood.  We need each other to survive.  Everyone has their different upbringing, cultural diversity, etc, no matter what.  We need that bond of unity.  Where is the love?    If your loved one has a gun, tell them to put it down.  It's hurting our families.  If your loved one is a substance abuser, don't look the other way, try to get them help.  If your loved one is in and out of jail/prison or one with mental health issues, don't look the other way.  Be your brother's or sister's keeper.  Make this world a better and safer place for you and me and the future to come.  If families come together, we can possibly reduce some hate and violence.  No time for racism, we all need the same functionalities to live here on this earth.



Clean air for all, Resources for farmers and rural areas. #Sustainable #Equitable #ThrivingCommunities 


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